Sunday, September 23, 2007

A super weekend out of town

My husband had a triathlon this weekend so we took advantage of his state employee discount and went away for a couple days. The Crowne Plaza gives peace officers nearly 75% off with their badge/ID along with a free upgrade to the secured floor (have to use the room key in the elevator for it to continue to our floor or else it stops short).

He did a great job at the tri, and I held my own with the kids, running all over the place and enjoying myself thanks to my super-scooter.

I got back a couple hours ago and did some catching up with some dear friends online, then had to catch up on some admin/tech stuff at the brain board, took care of the six pages worth of embedded spam junk that built up over two days. All finished though, no harm done.

Yesterday I had one of those weird sleeping days. I fell asleep in the hotel at 4:30, was woken up by some text messages from some friends at 7:30, was up for 15 minutes I think, it's kind of foggy, and went back to sleep. DH tried to wake me up for dinner but I just couldn't get up. He took the kids downstairs to eat and apparently sent me a message to take my meds and I remember seeing it, but I couldn't move. When he got back to the room he realized I hadn't taken them. He says he had to give them to me. I slept through until morning.

I'll post a couple of pics later. There are a couple of good ones of the kids. None of me thankfully, ha!

I'd ordered a Chiari/Syringomyelia oval sticker from my online store but it didn't ship quite in time. I think it'll fit perfectly on the back of the chair on my scooter. It'll be great at events like today. Any increased awareness is great. I'm not sure though about finding one appropriate for this growth, maybe the National Brain Tumor Foundation.

Back in a bit. Hugs to all. I hope you've had a good weekend! Special thanks to everyone who has voted btw!

Oh and my NSG, Dr C, called me this morning. Yeah, on a Sunday! Unfortunately by my phone log it was around the time DH was crossing the finish line, which of course the area is mass chaos and tremendously loud so I never heard the phone ring. He left a message and said he would call back another day. GAH! I can't believe he went to work on Sunday (well that part I can believe) but I can't believe I MISSED it.


  1. Bummer you missed it. My hepatologist called me on a Sunday once, and I didn't miss it. Another time on a Friday to tell me that I needed to go to the ER because he thought ny colon was dying. Glad you made it back safe. Did you get any mail?

  2. Maybe he was on call this weekend. My dr. will call if he is on call. Hope you are doing better .