Friday, October 12, 2007

(Dallas) We have a problem

Texas called this morning. The vascular surgeon in Dallas was looking at some records I took to the local cardiothoracic surgeon, thinking it might help him. They were just some tests I had done during the month I was in the hospital after the couple of resuscitations following the brain surgery in 2005 that went really wrong with the codes.

He was reviewing the 2005 imaging and apparently saw right off the bat that there was an arterial problem back then.

Nice call. Wish they would have spotted that back then. Guess NY was right last week when they said this would explain why things have continued to worsen neurologically despite all the surgeries, and that it changes the structure of the neurological system.

NY is faxing some paperwork to Dallas today after this development.

So for now I wait again but not as anxious. I know everyone is working on this and not just sitting around. I'm trying to just relax. I've been up since 3 and I'm finally having some breakfast now that it's 10. And thanks to EDS I dislocated the right side of my jaw in the process.

Gotta love Ehlers-Danlos.


  1. Oh yes. Once the doctor decides to take your case on, you become much more than just a file sitting on somebody's desk! I know they will take good care of you. It just sucks when they miss something like that. So how do you go about popping your jaw back in? That must hurt!

  2. I agree w/ Scott. You have the best of the best working on your behalf!! Girlfriend, this has good stuff written all over it. Thank You Lord!

    big gentle hug

  3. good luck at the run today . Roz