Thursday, November 8, 2007

Today's appt w/the Pain God

I saw my Pain Man today. My Pain God, aka PMP/Pain Management Physician, is someone I am very thankful for. And no it's not because he tries to help my pain levels down just enough where I don't consider offing myself. It's because of his candor, complete honesty, and willingness to admit when things are over his head. He sticks with me through it all. He is the one who told me a few weeks ago about having "Weird-ass diseases," and that "your situation is what we call in medical terms, a bitch."

The truth is hard, but it is better than these ignorant doctors who tell patients they'll be fine if they just do something nice for themselves, like dying their hair.

We did our meds discussion, as usual. I'm keeping the Dilaudid where it's at, taking it at the same time as the Zanaflex. Wean off the anti-seizure med, slowly of course, so I don't actually cause them.

Then he asked how I was handling all of this, as well as DH. He wondered if we'd like to see a counselor trained in our situation. I politely denied.

He wished me well for the surgery being done in less a than a month but at the same time he doesn't have high hopes. He didn't have a specific reason other than the fact so much else has gone wrong. Everything that can, has.

So, that's why it was a little hard. I didn't ever want to have this talk with him, but at the same time I'm glad I've got a local doctor pulling for me here, and not looking at me like a bug like all the rest in this town.


  1. Hi Zippy, I love the new set up on your blog and the background green is my "favorite" color of green! I have that color in any house I live in!

    You know, the Pain God could be wrong on this one. He's good, but he's not God (I know you know that!) and maybe this time, the upcoming surgery WILL be the one that makes the difference. I can see where it would really be THE major issue if you can't breathe etc, and if the surgery will open things up for you and relieve pressure, then "I" have high hopes!

    Never give up hope, my friend. I learned a long time what "hope" really means..."something in which you place your confidence." and I have confidence that God is with you and in you, of a truth!

    love you, sister

  2. Amen to honest, sincere docs ~ they are hard to find! I am praying for you that you WILL find relief from the pain so you can get on with the rest of your life! Hugs to you ~ Lace

  3. Very good. I'm glad you have a local doc you like. I am actually going to see my local doc today for a physical for nursing, and I am going to ask her extensively about my kidney function. I just reread weird-ass diseases, and I see they were concerned about your liver function. How did that test go? Oh, and another blogger I read likes Mike Rowe, too! How does Mike Rowe get all the chicks?

  4. I agree with "by his grace" that you shouldn't give up hope. I am praying for a successful outcome of this surgery. This could be the one that actually solves some of your problems. Hang in there and know there are people who are pulling for you.