Saturday, January 26, 2008

The blanket I made

Remember the blanket I made for my daughter recently? (The one I tortured all my blog readers with by posting pictures of its progress along with a progress bar?)

If you get a chance could you do a little something for me that will just take a moment? The blanket is in a contest sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn.

Vote here for the craft contest

Just over the slideshow, on the right, it says "rating" and has a +/- sign. If you click on plus it'll bump me up. They're giving away gift certificates for their products and boy that would be nice! Anyhoo, thought I'd try for it! Nothing lost, right? It's open until the last week of February.



  1. I think I voted. I kept clicking the plus sign but I never saw any change in numbers. I'll check again tomorrow and try again if it'll let me.

    Off the subject, I remember reading your blog a while back and you were telling of your insurance battles. If I'm remembering correctly, you had success getting the bill at North Shore greatly reduced. We're looking at $70,000+ right now so if you have any tips or suggestions (we're already in appeal with the insurance company) just shoot me an email: I know with taking on a new job, time is precious to you so take your time in replying. Your blog is the best--mine looks like a preschooler did it compared to yours. Thanks for being such an inspiration to so many!