Friday, January 4, 2008

Golden State Warriors--see games, help research!

The NBA team, Golden State Warriors, are doing a GREAT thing for the National Brain Tumor Foundation (remember the walk I did with my friends in October?). They will donate $5 of every ticket purchased through team representatives Christine Young & John Beaven. If you call them, they'll hook you up.

Christine : 650.759.3676 - christine (dot) gswarriors (at) yahoo (dot) com
John : 510.986.2237 - jbeaven (at) gs-warriors (dot) com
(emails formatted for spam prevention, thanks for understanding)


I only wish this was in my state. This news was too great to not share!

Desperately needing something to get away from work and studies for a few minutes at a time, I started working on my son's Babette blanket last night. I'm loving the color scheme on this one! I will post a pic at another time.

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  1. that is awesome. since nbtf is in the bay area i'm guessing the warriors are more amenable to the arrangement then other nba teams would/might be...