Monday, February 18, 2008


I spent Saturday and Sunday at the hospital. I saw 3 doctors, none of whom knew a darn thing about anything I have. They took x-rays (shoulder and chest) and took a ton of blood for some odd reason that no one could explain. Sleep was impossible so it made for a very long night.

I didn't get enough sleep last night of course. I showered after being discharged but just couldn't catch up on sleep in one night. Hopefully tonight will go better.

Today was insane at work, sheer chaos due to the company's VP mixing up the dates of an important temporary project I'm helping them with this week. During my second shift this afternoon I ended up in tears, called my immediate supervisor, and told them the job's hours are just killing me. Though employees are required to work 20-25 hours a week, she offered to find out if they would accept 10.

I haven't heard back yet. I don't even know that I can continue even if they do accept. I imagine they will, as I'm the only agent that is not only meeting commitments but is ahead of schedule.

I just don't know. Yes it's income, certainly not much, but at what cost?

I see my pain man tomorrow, and my ortho surgeon Thursday.

BTW if you are a patient/caregiver and follow medical articles, a few days ago I added some newly released studies to the links on the left-hand side of the page; I just never had a chance to post about the update. There's some good info in there. Newly posted studies are easy to spot, thanks to the **NEW designation.


  1. you know quite a abit about eds/chiari... will you be my doctor? couldn't help to ask ;-)

  2. Invisibleglue said:you know quite a abit about eds/chiari... will you be my doctor?
    I think they have a point, you do know a lot more that a lot of doctors about all of this stuff. Keesha, Sharon and I are saying extra prayers for you every night, I hope you get to feeling better. She saw "painguy" yesterday. He's on the same page with everyone who is telling her"apply now". Please, ping me at yahoo, if you are up, and need to vent, and the whole world is asleep. Bobby, not the liver

  3. Hey Keesha I'm sorry you are in pain. :-( If you have Yahoo, then add me and we can chat...

    I think my name is:
    (But I'm at school so I can't check for sure right now.)

  4. Keesha, I agree "Ehlers Danlos Syndrome does suck". I am also having more problems because of EDS. My patella (kneecap) in my left knee is not centered, I had X-rays last week and went for an MRI today. I will be hearing from the doc in the coming days to find out what to do about this problem. The pain when I walk is getting worse everyday and my kneecap is sliding all over the place. Oh, the fun we have!

    I hope you have received some answers from your doctors, I have the same problem around here with the doctors being clueless. It is so frustrating!

    I pray you feel better soon, you truly deserve a break!