Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mother's Day camera man

The camera man from the local NBC station came over this evening and filmed with us for about an hour. I think it went fine, but I had frequent trouble with my lips and tongue all sticking in place, not allowing me to get things out right. Ah, the pleasures of Zanaflex and its side effects!

My 6 year old went back to the pediatrician after school. He went a month ago after spending a week with chest congestion and a nasty cough. He spent 2 weeks on Amoxicillin and ended up worse than ever, followed by 2 weeks on Ceolin. He improved a touch but clearly still had a problem. He went to the doctor after school today and had chest and head x-rays. He is going to take 3 days of the steroid prednisone, sudafed, and ProAir inhaler with microchamber/spacer. He swallowed pills for the first time tonight!

Yesterday I had my first clinical trial visit. It took 2 1/2 hours, well over what they said it would. They had to find a proper approved document to put all of my surgical history on since the provided papers had only room for 2. Heck my 5 year old had 2 surgeries by age 3 and this is for adults! Anyway after paperwork, an EKG, urinalysis, bloodwork, and a physical, I was off to start my first trial. I actually don't get the meds for 3 more weeks, after I prove to them (via answering the nightly questions the PDA system they provided me with that transits answers immediately to their office) that I can be trusted to complete their question system at least 70% of the time.If I can't, I'm out. So I'd better do it because we need the money something fierce.

Our home phone and cable were turned off yesterday. Kind of stinks but there are worse things in life.


  1. I hope he gets well soon. Bobby not the liver

  2. ((((((((((Keesha))))))))) PTL for cell phones and DVDs huh?

    Is there any organization that can help you there? like welfare or whatever, for the necessities of life? Like food!?