Friday, May 30, 2008

Emergency prayer request

Hi everyone. I know a lot of people that read here pray, and for those that don't could I tap into your positive thoughts for a bit?

I just got the call that my dad took a really bad fall while working on their pool and is about to go into emergency spinal cord surgery. I was able to talk to him for just a moment a minute ago. He dislocated a shoulder and did some pretty bad damage to several vertebrae immediately above where he's already had his spine worked on.

He's over 6'4" so not a small man, and he falls hard! I am confident my CM is his from his side of the family and yet he refuses to be checked. He has had multiple failed surgeries (spine, nerve damage, etc) and also will not have my 11 year old sister screened despite being an obvious EDSer. Denial can be ugly and I'm concerned about the potential for complications with this surgery because of lack of accurate diagnoses and understanding.

Thanks. I'll update when I can.


  1. Certainly Keesha... you know, you can call his doctors and advise them what you suspect... they can't really talk to you about him, but you can talk all you want or send a fax or whatever... it might be just what they need to hear to treat him more accurately.

  2. Prayers are on the way. Hope he does well!

  3. I agree with Leslie, Keesha, CAll his doctor and let him know about YOUR history...they will appreciate the heads' up especially when there is anesthesia, intubation, and the potential for hyperextension of neck to insert tube....

    Prayers...prayers...prayers from NJ on all fronts. MAureen

  4. Keesha,
    Absolutely, I'll keep your dad in my prayers!
    I certainly hope you're having a better day!
    Hugs & Blessings,

  5. Let us know how it goes with your Dad...and my prayers are with you and your family!
    God bless

  6. Oh Keesha ~ know that your Dad is in my prayers. And prayers for you to be strong during all of this! Hugs ~ Lace