Thursday, May 8, 2008

My baby boy's birthday

My baby boy is 7 years old today. This is the little guy who fought with all his might against being born! He resisted the induction meds pumped into me for 24 hours before I was sent home...with him still residing in his momma. He was quite comfy in there and no wonder. Another week later we discovered the hard way that this was no little baby in there but a 10 pound happy boy!

Due to suspected pneumonia he was rushed off to NICU immediately to stay for a few days of IV antibiotics. He didn't give as much as a whimper, and was adored by the NICU staff. When I was finally able to come see him many hours later, I was greeted by his own RN as well as the RN's of several other babies. They said they wanted to meet the mom who delivered "the toddler" and shared their plans to discharge him with a shaving kit.

He needed an oxygen hood but none in the NICU would fit him. They finally dug up a king-sized one out of a storage unit; they said most NICU babies have their entire body inside of it.

Not my boy. He was so big only his head fit in!

You've come a long way, baby!

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  1. Happy happy birthday boy!!! Wow, I had forgotten or never knew you had a 10 pounder Keesha! Welcome to the club :) LOL

    Hugs all around and check your mail in a few days, sending you a little package!!!