Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chair arrived

My chair came today and I couldn't be happier with it. The measurements taken were spot-on. It rolls incredibly easily and smoothly, the finish is perfect, was comfortable before I even placed the gel cushion, the inward angle of the leg rests and the depth and width combination really took a great amount of pressure off my spinal cord and I could breathe better. I never would have expected that. It goes so easily and effortlessly that my DH is ok with me pushing myself within the house (he is normally very adamant that I obey my doctors and keep to my 3 pound permanent weight restriction).

And for the fluffy part, the deep purple is beautiful and slick! I am going to try to design and create a chair tote to fit on the back for while out and about. I may also try one for underneath it.

So, thanks and praises for this coming through. Well-worth the $375 we had to cover.

I still love my scooter of course, from its high speed to its silver flame job. I feel badly though because I just hope to be able to use it again. Deep down I'm not sure because I know my EDS will never improve so I'm not sure about being able to keep my arms up for the levers any more.