Wednesday, June 4, 2008

News from our house

DH took our son to his 7 year old well-child year check since he had a birthday recently. Turns out the kid is blind as a bat. His right eye isn't so bad but the left is, and he is in bad need of glasses. We're taking him for the formal exam this afternoon so we can fill the script asap.

DH and the doc had a talk about our situation of late, since it does affect Collin (in terms of EDS). She actually thinks it sounds more like something is going on underlying maybe not related to the EDS with me, such as cancer or a tumor somewhere unexpected. She suggested we get to Duke University/Hospital in North Carolina and get me admitted to have all this figured out. DH told her we just don't have the money for that. So for now, she's going to find us a doc locally to try to get to the root. After she finds the right info Collin & I are going to get in.

That's about it for here. I'm crocheting a bunch today, trying to get the last of the squares for my son's Babette blanket finally finished, and I'm also working on a tank top/camisole-type shirt for me for summer.


  1. Keesha,
    Whew.... does it ever stop??? her's hoping that the docs can refer you to seomeone locally and that you can get to the bottom of whatever it is that is causing the seizures,and get it fixed without too much trouble.

    Question... Collin is your son??? I see that Meg is your daughter, but somhow ( from reading he blog) I got the idea that your son's name was Sterling.... maybe I am reading too many blogs at the moment.
    Anyway, in my prayers... Maureen

  2. Hi Maureen.

    Sterling is my husband. Collin and Meg are our children.

    Thanks for the prayers,


  3. Aww, kids look so cute in glasses... yeah Keesha... hope there is somethign else going on that is treatable to help you cope.

    Maureen, you crack me up... Sterling just acks like Keesha's kid, just like most DHs :)

    Nice seeing you both online!