Sunday, July 6, 2008


As Monday looms I'm getting nervous about this week, anxious about the dates for the two surgeries. I suspect like last time they'll be sooner rather than later.

Today has been rough. Thankfully a friend from the church I went to is bringing dinner for us. I think my muscles have twisted around the hardware up and down my spine.

Shelby has been very clingy to me the last few days. She refuses to go to bed unless I go as well. She'll walk back with DH, turn around and look to see if I'm there, and then come back out to the living room. She never used to do that before. I really think she can detect seizure triggers, which is good for us to know.

I am very excited for September to come along so we can start our training process for Shelby's certification as an assistance dog.

The kids start the new school year (grades 2 and 1) on July 14, so I will be able to start taking advantage of my ADA-approved eligibility as a VanTran passenger. Shelby and I can go to town on our own and I don't have to be cooped up here all the time. It will be great! I have some eBay stores marked that carry extremely inexpensive tags to put on the assistance dog vests, the tags being marked as assistance dog in training, please do not pet. That will be very helpful.

Speaking of dogs, Wolfie is kicking the stove, i.e. he is telling me he is hungry.

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  1. Where do you live? Starting school in July sounds so soon.