Friday, July 11, 2008

Both surgeries are off.

I spoke with Baltimore again today. Apparently of the $20,000 charge for my arterial surgery in December, Medicare paid so little they can't afford to have me as a patient again.

Medicare paid $973.

Of $20,000.

I understand there are always negotiations between insurance companies and medical providers. No problem. But $973 out of $20,000?

The surgeons said they were willing to lower it to $10,000 and if we can pay that then they'll go ahead. Like we have $10,000 sitting around?

I am so PISSED I can't even express.


  1. oh no! I am speechless.

    I can't believe you have been left in this position. That is just inhuman! Is there no advocacy group, fund... charity... ANYTHING/ anyone that can step in and at least go to bat for you with MedicAid and the docs?

    I am stunned that something like this can happen in the Free world in this day and age.

    (((((hugs)))) sweetie, I hope something good comes out of this. What I don't know, but don't give up hope.


  2. keesha i too am speechless and my anger is so huge i can't even sy it. i love you more later when i can think straight hugs lots of love

  3. That should be against the law.... when people who have NO income and live their entire lives on state subsidy get free medical care for their entire families, the samwe should be available for anyone facing enormous medical costs....Does AZ have a catastrophic medical fund? what about the PD.... My sister's husband ( NJ PO) seems to be always involved in some sort of local fundraiser.... Is the neuro organization strong enough to organize some sort of action? What about your Church? Surely there must be some way to help.
    Keeping you, the surgeons, and the insurance industry in my prayers. Don't give up.... MAureen