Wednesday, July 2, 2008


As it turns out, thanks to some emails and explanations, my vascular surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland (Dr D) has agreed to do surgery with his partner Dr W. Dr D does not accept Medicare but Dr W does. When they did my artery surgery in December they both did the surgery together since Dr D is the one with the real expertise in the situation (the place in Johns Hopkins is named after him), but only Dr W billed me since he does accept Medicare. Dr W is one of the partners. Dr D knew getting my artery done was desperately needed and no one else would do it, including the top vascular man in Arizona who is at the local teaching hospital. He didn't want to touch me with a 10 foot pole b/c of the EDS.

I am supposed to call and set up a surgery date. They do pre-op testing the day before surgery to save an extra trip out there, with flights and costs to us being so expensive (hotel, car, food, etc).

I'm nervous but have a bit of hope renewed. This involves 2 surgeries, not one, but it's a chance.


  1. Renewed hope is always a good thing Keesha! :) Love ya smoochiedoodles!

  2. Keesha,
    I will keep my fingeers crossed and the beads smokin' for you!.. please keep us updated as the surgery nears...... Maureen in nj

  3. Good luck! (Hi, I'm NeedleSpell on Ravelry ^_^)

  4. keesha i am thrilled that this has happened for you. i have been praying and praying that someone would help you keeping you in my prayers sweetheart