Thursday, September 18, 2008

The great Dr D

The Baltimore surgery scheduler did not call today but I received an email from my surgeon, Dr Dellon! He said he has thought of me often and was so glad the surgery is being done because it really has to or I will lose my arm, not to mention the restricted blood flow to my brain.

I shared with friends earlier about how the service dog class went today. It was the first time she came along since last week was orientation. Shelby just lay on down the wheelchair lift on the paratransit van right next to my power chair, did the same thing during the whole van ride to class, so that could not have gone any better (and the same story upon our return).

Class was another story. There are 5 of us ladies in class and we were spread as far apart in the room as possible as this was our first time bringing our dogs so we didn't know how it would go between them. They were all quiet as mice.

Except Shelby, who never makes a peep at home, seriously. She must have barked I kid you not 50 times a minute the ENTIRE hour. She was TERRIFIED of the other dogs though we have 2 more at home! One of the two assistants ended up being assigned to stay with us the whole class period to try & distract Shelby from the other dogs. They put up folding barriers/gates, then covered them in sheets to block her vision.

I came home with high ICP, rattled nerves, and SVT. I crawled into bed for 2 hours but was interrupted by several phone calls; when I finally got to sleep I had a stressful dream about my MIL.

I don't know about next Thursday's class yet since that's the day my DH has surgery. My kids will be on their 3 week break as of tomorrow after school and my mom is flying in Saturday night. I'm hoping to have the kids stay with a neighbor & have my mom take DH for his (outpatient hernia) surgery as I desperately need to attend this class. I can't afford to miss one, as obviously she really needs to get used to seeing other animals though she's fine with people, to be a good service dog, and this session is only 10 weeks. I have full trust in the doc doing DH's surgery; the same docs took care of me July 4th last year when my appendix ruptured.

I need to dig through my yarn and see if there's any I can spare to raise the money for the flights to Baltimore for surgery. Thing is, the yarn is what I'm using to make Christmas presents this year. I have nothing but time, little money, and besides I'm picking the items by the person and my heart and soul goes into them. Too tired right now to go look though. Later.

Shelby is going around with a very sheepish expression right now, though she still looks cute in the collar slipcover bandana I sewed last night. I'm considering offering them for sale here on my blog. I have the material for it so wouldn't have to make an investment in anything.

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