Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tiring but productive

Good grief it's been a busy couple of days but today was especially.

My HandiDogs orientation went great. A friend that I had not seen in around 3 years dropped by unexpectedly for a visit and was there 20 minutes later when VanTran (door-to-door public transportation for people with disabilities). I was embarrassed enough as it was, going on my first paratransit ride, but to have her watching the whole time made me feel a little more pathetic. I did a good job driving the scooter over the rocks in the yard though to get to the curb since the driveway was blocked LOL. My driver was on his first day so had a trainer with him. That made things take a bit longer but I felt more comfortable with it since I could tell he tied my scooter in so tight that I wasn't going to budge the whole trip (a strap was around my waist as well to boot).

The class went quite well. There are five of us ladies in the class. Two of us use wheelchairs, two use canes, and the fifth woman is legally blind. It was a long two hours but the rest of the weekly classes for the next 10 weeks will only be one hour. A dog's attention span isn't real long haha so an hour is a lot of work for a dog to be in training.

Tomorrow we put our house on the market so I've been kicking butt around here cleaning up and clearing out as much as possible. I sold a lot of things on Craigslist, a few things on eBay, and thankfully it should help with moving expenses. It should be enough to cover the UHaul anyway which is great. I have a few things left I listed today from our massive garage cleaning. If they aren't gone by tomorrow evening, off to Goodwill they go.

Sterling finished mopping the floors and we're taking a breather before we go put pavers around my garden to spruce it up. Ok, let's admit it, I'll supervise as he does it. It's not like I can lift a paver but I can pretend to be useful!

Tomorrow Meg has her check-up after her infection-hospital stunt, the realtor comes over, and in the afternoon I go back to the head vascular man at UMC. Fingers crossed--I really need to get this right side taken care of.

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  1. House on the market? U-haul? Megs/hospital? I see I've missed a few episodes :0

    If you have time/energy, email me and catch me up :)I've missed you!