Sunday, April 5, 2009


I am updating a couple small things here and there on the site. I am not giving personal updates on my own situation, not on this blog anyway. Things are not going well and I will leave it at that.

The updates I am doing include a major project I began last year and have people around the country involved in as well. I am taking a chance providing an email on this site because of this project. That said, I am sending a message to the ONE person who completely and totally screwed up this blog for all of my readers, including the producers at the Discovery Health.

That one person knows who she is: you believe you are so full of knowledge yet are an incredible idiot, dispensing downright DANGEROUS information to newly diagnosed patients. I spent an ungodly amount of time picking up the pieces of what you did to other people. As I continued to worsen my health would no longer permit me to keep up with cleaning up after you. Add that to dealing with your incessant messages, comments, notes I asked you for THREE years to STOP writing. You obviously do not understand the meaning of STALKER. I will make it clear one last time. You know who you are. Do not even THINK of contacting me again under any circumstances. You know very well how easy it is for me to get authorities involved should you choose to make a stupid move and contact me in ANY way, shape, or form.

Moving on. Everybody else, please ignore all that. It is only ONE person who screwed things up. Please continue to take advantage of the links at the side of the page. The links are excellent; just because the blog is not being updated doesn't mean the links aren't. They are wonderful links, reliable and trustworthy. Use them! Also, feel free to contact me if you need a cap because of brain surgery, or need to locate a neurosurgeon because you are newly diagnosed.

Please allow me a couple days to get back in touch. With a couple dozen major seizures each and every day I don't get a whole lot done and need some time to get back to you. I have no sense of time whatsoever since I spend most of my days unaware of what the heck is going on anyway so please be patient with me.

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