Thursday, February 18, 2010

Digging their hole

Well they did it. Friday of DH's supervisors from DPS came over right after calling us, and let us know they'd just received orders that morning telling them to come over and terminate DH immediately and gather all of his gear, everything from his wallet down to his flashlights and everything in between. The supervisors made it known they didn't know it was coming, wanted to make sure we had an attorney, and that they absolutely would testify on our behalf.

We shouldn't have been surprised, but somehow they still never cease to amaze us. We thought we would have 4-6 more weeks before this happened. After all, by state law, before termination DPS was required to give us notice of a termination hearing with only DPS admin, then we'd have a LEMSC hearing.

DPS however terminated DH instantly Friday. They walked into the house, and that was that. No DPS hearing, no LEMSC hearing, nothing.

After letting out the emotions, we got it together and sent a copy of the termination letter via scanning/email to our attorney. A retired cop himself, he was disgusted and got on it immediately. Over the weekend he wrote an awesome letter he would serve to The Powers That Be on Tuesday morning, by his own hand (Monday was a government holiday). Oh, to be a fly on the wall! The letter pointed out the violation of more than half a dozen state laws, and the support of two major court cases that are well-known in the law enforcement world.

So our insurance runs out tomorrow, right when I'm in the middle of my doctor trying to determine what I did to my c-spine 3 weeks ago. Today the CT order was submitted to the imaging center and to insurance, which brought a wild craze of calls but finally we got it approved by insurance as a "stat" order and it will be done tomorrow afternoon at 3:10, less than 2 hours before I become uninsured. Nothing like waiting till the last minute, right?

I have calls in to DES, trying to get DH, Collin, and Meg insured on the state program since my SSDI (Social Security Disability) is our only income, and $1200 doesn't pay the mortgage let alone food, utilities, etc. I already have us getting a medical discount with the power company. Medicare sent the paperwork in the mail to get me back on, and if I get it soon, get it filled out, DPS verifies DH is no longer working there, and I get all the papers turned in at the local Social Security office by February 26 instead of mailing them back to Medicare, I can be covered by Medicare as of March 1. Otherwise, they'll process it and start my coverage MAY 1. Yep, they will skip April for processing. I really hope USPS gets the paperwork here soon. DES has yet to return my phone calls re: getting everyone else on state's plan, and food stamps.

On top of all this and the legal stuff, we are digging everywhere for a job for DH.

I'm tired of spending sooo many hours pouring over coupons & ads so I can do coupon & manufacturer stacking to get the best deals. Hours, literally hours. I clip every single coupon that comes, even the ones I don't need, and give away freezer bags of hundreds to people who could use them. Unfortunately though everybody wants them, nobody reciprocates. Before this happened Friday, I was going to sign up for another paper to get more coupon packets, but now that's out of the question.

Tired. Anyway, we have DPS by the gallows, it's just a matter of time before it's made right. Ridiculous how many laws they are breaking. Just keep digging...

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