Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flying cross-country

Tomorrow morning the kids and I are flying across the country to spend a week with my bio-dad, step-mom, and 13 year old sister. DH will drop us off at the airport at 5:30 a.m. and I believe he heads to work not long after that. I wish he could come with. It is going to be really strange to back there without him. I know, I've gone to NYC so many times without him, but that was me, alone, no kids. This time, I am responsible for two little kids this whole time, for a REALLY long day of travel, regardless of seizures, pain, layovers, the awful pain flying does to my ICP. We're going to have a talk before bed about handling the seizures on the planes and in the airports, because though they are used to being around them every day, it's a different story when I am the only adult around and God only knows what kind of people could be around. I fear everything from the thought of someone taking advantage of the situation with our belongings, to someone thinking they need to call 911 or something. I don't want to come around surrounded by meds workers and feel badly for wasting their time, as these things are just life as normal around here. But anyway, if DH doesn't work, he doesn't get paid, and we need every dime of his paycheck and my SSDI (Security Disability Income) to make the mortgage payment and utilities. So it stinkstankstunk but my family understood, thus they bought the three of us tickets to come out.

I am partially packed, as in, STUFF is on the kitchen counter and more is on my hope chest in the bedroom. I am only bringing enough clothes to last us 3 days, then I'll do a load of laundry and we'll wear it again and come home in it again too. We aren't paying to check bags. The kids are each going to wear a backpack with their clothes and their Didj, and I'll have my Duffel and the family toiletries, meds, etc. I don't know as of yet if I will bring a crochet project. If yes, it definitely won't bring anything that takes concentration, because I suspect at 13 my sister won't be allowing me enough alone time to get something done like that LOL. But I am hoping I can at least bring some cotton so I can get some dishcloths or water bottle holders done. I can do that with little materials and even lesser brain power, which is great with my swiss cheese brain. I really want to be able to DO something during our layovers, or in bed at night if I can't sleep from pain etc.

Sigh. I should be folding the load of laundry waiting for me on the couch. When done with that then I can finish packing with the exception of meds/toiletries.

Off I go. Praying things will go smoothly flying-wise. Flying with Chiari sucks. Even worse when some ribs are in the wrong place again, making it hard to move, and doing good things like breathing. Changing planes ought to be a funfest! But I do look forward to hanging out with Kate and I am grateful for this time together so I'll shut up now.

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