Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hearing #2

Our 2nd hearing is in the morning. This is in regards to DH's reaction to the hernia surgery meds situation. It happened September 2008 and he was supposed to return to work a couple of days later. They never let him. The full story can be found in another entry in my blog.

While we were in Virginia DH was going to work on finding to watch the kids for the day so I could be with him for the hearing, like I was in March. Unfortunately he didn't get anyone lined up. I don't want him driving there and back alone tomorrow, regardless of the verdict, so all four of us are going on the road trip, around 5 hours total. I'll sit in the lobby with the kids while he is in the hearing room with our attorney. I am pretty upset about the whole thing but what can I do?

If you read this before the morning of the June 28, please pray for us or send positive thoughts. Pray the committee will be fair, reasonable, and see the truth of the situation, not just what the department has been feeding them. Let their ears, eyes, and hearts be open.

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