Friday, August 13, 2010

Birthdays and Biopsies

ETA: **HEATHER** Please email me again! I was going to respond to your question re: PFD/brain surgery statistic you asked about but I can't find your email. I really want to talk to you about this. daswunderkind (@) (cox) dot (net).

My baby girl turned 8 last week. My baby girl, who is famous at the hospital for A) biting a nurse while still in the womb, and B) being their first cord prolapse in 5 years; not only that but from time of prolapse in my hospital room to the time of getting me to the OR and getting her out, took a whopping 4 minutes start to finish. Earlier this year we ran into my OB, who gave me a huge hug, and immediately said, "Your daughter gave me these gray hairs!" There is no doubt in my mind Meg's spit & vinegar personality is why she is with us today, with two 150% healed lungs (if you've met her, I know you're laughing), beautiful, incredibly bright, and a heart of gold. Happy birthday squirrel!

A week ago today I had my well-woman appointment. No results from that, but the unexpected part was he didn't like a little thing with my right breast. It was a change that happened nearly a year ago so I thought nothing of it, but he did. So today, seven days later, he had me seen at a breast surgeon's office.

I got home about 15 minutes ago from the surgeon's consult. Maybe I was in denial, maybe I was naive, but over the last week I really thought the appointment was just going to be a "Oh it's just (whatever), it's nothing. Nice meeting you."

Instead, I'm sitting here with my breast sutured following a punch biopsy, now covered up in gauze and paper tape. Some just need glued closed, but thank you very much Ehlers-Danlos, I had to be a bleeder, thus needing sutured, gauzed, blah blah blah.

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