Saturday, May 26, 2007

Close call

I went to the Valley today for my niece's 3rd birthday party. The trip up was uneventful. With it being a holiday weekend, I-10 was congested but everyone was driving with patience and intelligence. On the way back though, I was in the #1 lane and suddenly this idiot in a junky old white sedan flies up and whips around me, close enough if we'd had the windows down there would have been a breeze. I wondered where he thought he was going to go as he pulled up next to me, since though we were traveling at 80 mph, we were bottlenecked and no one was going to pass anyone. There was no room anywhere.

He helped himself to drive with half his car on the right shoulder. He couldn't pass on the shoulder either so he whipped through the #2 lane and on into my lane, causing me to slam the brakes to keep him from taking off the front of my car, which would have no doubt spun us into the median of the interstate. He never slowed down, and started driving on the left shoulder! That's when I noticed his stupid tires. His front two--ONLY the front two--were those monstrous ones that stick out so far they look like the car is on old roller skates. The back two tires however were the standard small ones. It looked incredibly stupid.

Realizing he was stuck, he decided to drive in the MIDDLE of the interstate, directly on top of the stripes between the two lanes. My phone was inside my purse and I didn't feel safe enough with him in front of me to reach over and find it to call DPS/highway patrol to have them do an ATL and get him off the road.

Idiot finally caught a break and broke free of us when he cut off the guy in front of me and hit the gas, putting our 80 mph to shame.

About 30 seconds later, on the right side of the road there was a monstrous cloud of dust, MUCH bigger than any dust storm or whirlwind than is typical for that area, outside of Casa Grande. It was so amazingly thick, NOTHING could be seen through it. Traffic started slamming on the brakes, about 10 cars pulling off the road, people getting out and running, and then I knew.

And I saw Idiot.

He lost control of his car, and I saw as his car came to a stop a good 20 car lengths away from the Interstate, having taken down a fence along the way. His windows were busted out from the impact.

Having two very small children in the car, I could not stop as I would not be able to leave them unattended on the side of the highway in 101 degree heat no less. There were already countless people running to Idiot's aide.

I called DPS/highway patrol and left the details of my experience with Idiot so that the officer running the investigation can call me for a full witness statement, as it was no simple loss of control wreck. Idiot had a history of scaring the crap out of people on the road leading up to the accident.

As I watched him directly in front of me less than a minute before the crash, I said out loud, "That man is going to get someone killed. God just don't let him take any innocent people out in the process."

I hope he didn't get himself killed, but I am so thankful he didn't take anyone else out in this terrible mess.

Four months ago when I was in New York for surgery I witnessed a roll over wreck and stayed at the scene until it was cleared, as my husband helped extract the victims. They were both fine. It's been several hours though since today's wreck and I just can't get it out of my head, seeing it over and over.

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  1. so glad you and passengers were ok . Some idots just dont learn