Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Site overhaul ;)

Yep, this is what happens when Chiarians can't sleep. We sit at the computer.

I overhauled my blog. Give me a break, at least I'm easily entertained and it didn't cost anything! I added some health-related blogs, though already sitting here realize there are several I still need to add. If I spaced on yours or you'd like to introduce yourself let me know. Join on in! I'll add more edu sites later after Sterling and I have our dual ortho surgeon appointment. Heh, yeah, it's a family affair. We are booked to see our ortho together for his knee (multiple surgeries) and my hip (standard EDS).

I also have a mission, since my new blogging friend Bobby (linked!) intro'd to me via his own blogspot this map that tracks the locations of people who visit a person's blog! It's like an online version of sticking a pin on a wall map. How cool is that? I'd love to have pins all over my virtual map. I put the html on my site a week or so ago and I am in love with this thing! Of course I can't go email the site everywhere and I can't send signals out, but I can profusely thank some great people for coming by. :)


  1. Yes I saw you on my blog after midnight last night. :) I've been doing the same thing with my blog and site as well as getting back into my artwork. Gotta have something to do while the rest of the world gets a good nights rest.

  2. You did a beautiful job of redecorating! I would be lost without blogging. And I would be lost without my new wonderful friends. And I'm glad your boy is felling better. Take care,Keesha.

  3. cool post , what is the map thing about. Like you new makeover

  4. Keesha, Hello! And thank you for adding a link to my blog on yours, and for the comment in my fundraising post. It is hard and we need all the extra attention we can get.

    I did read through your blog. You have been through so much. I hope you get the answers you are looking for when you see the new doctors you are seeing next week. I will be thinking of you. Take care!