Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Better day

My boy is feeling much better today. His mouth isn't hurting him at all, which is a fantastic change from the weekend and certainly yesterday! He is taking the penicillin without complaint, understanding that over the next week it's killing off any last little germ buggers that may be hanging out. But gosh, what a drastic improvement! Wahoo!!

Miss Thang was home today because of her suspension, and we had to work her a bit to make her figure out it wasn't a day off. She whimpered from time to time, wanting to go back. She did lots of homework, cleaned up her room top to bottom, including her brother's stuff as well. Overall she did pretty well today.

The thoracic surgeon's office called today and set up my appt for Sept 10. They told me a bit about the potential surgery. *BLECH.* But it's a start.

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