Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The roots of my son's tooth were half-gone from infection. The tooth had to be pulled. An impression was taken so a spacer can be placed in a couple of weeks. He'll stay on the penicillin for another week. He's still bleeding a touch and a wee bit loopy so we're keeping him home the remainder of the day.

While we were at the dentist those couple of hours I got a phone call from Dr. so-and-so, the behavioral specialist at the elementary school, asking us to pick up my 5 year old daughter as they had just suspended her for the remainder of the day. My stomach fell but unfortunately I wasn't surprised. She understood we not only could not pick her up immediately, but we couldn't even pick her up at Kindergarten release time, and a friend of ours was picking her up along with her son (DD's classmate and long-time friend).

I am so upset with her I can't even express it. She has had so many incidents at school already and it's only the 7th week. We have to have a meeting with the behavior specialist dr and the principal. No argument there. She's is obviously drowning. I'm posting this to cool off a little then I'm calling her psychiatrist to get a copy of her records for the school meeting.

DD just got home and I haven't spoken to her yet. Sterling has her in her room. I need to face the music and go have a chat with the child. How to get a 5 year old who is wired a little differently to understand what the heck she is doing???

Feels like I'm drowning with all this but hopefully after this meeting she can get some better help.


  1. Maybe a Ritalin would help . I had my son on it years ago . was a life saver . things will get better . Hugs Roz

  2. I'm sure this isn't helping things. You hang in there.;-)