Monday, August 27, 2007

Update to post earlier

The thoracic surgeon's office returned my call and whomever checks the voice mail already spoke with one of the surgeons. They can definitely take me as a patient. The doctor is going to call me personally tomorrow to talk, and if he can't get me on his schedule very soon he's going to make sure one of the others (there are EIGHT attendings) can.

My dad in Virginia called shortly after this, with the bad news that my Uncle Buddy died unexpectedly. He traveled a great distance to make a surprise visit to my family, and as it was late he and Aunt Joanne checked into a hotel. He had what he thought was indigestion when he went to bed. They got up in the morning and knew that definitely wasn't what it was. They got in the car but had to call an ambulance. He never left the hotel alive. My family never knew he was in town, and Uncle Buddy is gone of a heart attack. His organs are already being harvested for transplant.

God bless his soul for giving life to others when it was his time to go home. Rest in peace, Uncle Buddy.


  1. May your uncle Buddy rest in peace.

  2. condolences to you and your family. I have a cousin 57 yr old with Cancer and she is on her last breath and soon will become a angel . so sad. Hugs Roz