Monday, August 27, 2007 challenged

I finally called a thoracic surgery office a few minutes ago. I had to leave a voice mail as they were on the phone, but I actually did it. I've been putting this off almost a month now. I told them since my neurosurgeons are out of state, I don't know which thoracic surgeon here can even take someone with this situation but if they could give me any guidance it sure would help.

I'm awaiting news. After going back and forth with the hospital the last two weeks, they finally sent my LP results to NY on Friday. I want to know if I'm up for more testing, if the verdict remains this tumor is likely inoperable, or we can go ahead and give it our best and get the damn thing out--or as much of it as possible and get at least some of the pressure off my brain stem and cerebellum. I'm going to try to remember to take a picture of the films later and will put one up.

My 6 year old has a nasty, smelly infection involving the metal crown he got on the molar he broke when he was 3. They put him on abx today to get the process started before seeing the dentist tomorrow. Thankfully the peds dentist is a gem and I trust her fully, though certainly I hope whatever happens he feels better as quickly as possible. I know it's bad when my boy cries like this. He's had IV's and stitches and cracking/popping/dislocating joints without even flinching, so I know he's hurting.

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