Sunday, August 19, 2007

Artificial Life: Coming Soon to a Location Near You

Artificial life likely in 3 to 10 years,0,7426397.story

That headline sure caught my eye moments ago. What, we've done such a fantastic job keeping things running smoothly with the human race that we need to run out and make some fake ones?

I love something one of the key scientists said in the article. No one else seemed to notice: "We aren't smart enough to design things." Um, ok, you aren't smart enough, so do it anyway, the half-a**ed designs y'all have managed to luckily throw together...and admit you are not smart enough to do the job, yet still we are supposed to trust you when you then follow up and say "But them getting out and taking over, never in our imagination could this happen."

Gee that's a comforting thought. I was content being irritated at their naiveté. Now I have added in this mental image of mutant clones taking over the earth, LOL.


  1. I'm sorry if I am ignorant. I'm a new visitor. It just makes me cringe to hear you are in such agony. (Mostly because I spend a great deal of time there my self,) But do you have pain medication? Or is it not working? Any way, God bless you.

  2. Cheer up Keesha , hug your kids , hug your hubby . They are your precious gems. Love ya gal