Monday, September 3, 2007


Who knew you could overdo it clearing off kitchen counters? Ok, I did. I did it anyway. Times come I just don't care and do something stupid and pay for it, sometimes for days. Stuff yesterday didn't help either but I won't go there.

The kids are asleep and while I'm (quite) thankful, I am stir-crazy, though it isn't so much about being trapped inside these walls. It's my body that's the problem.


  1. I tell hubby all the time I feel like I am in prison. I can't just go shopping or plan a weekend at the beach. I have to wait until that day arrives to see if I can even walk. When we try to go out with friends everyone is planning ahead of how they can make me more comfortable and can I do what they have planned for the evening. I appreciate the concern but how I hate being the center of what drives the activities for the evening because of this stupid body. I get really mad at this body of mine for what it is doing to my life but I guess there is a reason that God hasn't shown me yet.

  2. I really appreciate you checking in. I look every day and there's Keesha in the chatterbox, and I feel like you really care . And knowing that you are really beat up yourself makes that so much more special. Thanks.