Friday, September 28, 2007

Today's Brain Droppings

I seem to have fallen into the black hole of sleep-ville the last couple days. I hate when that happens, when I go to nap and just can't get up again for 16, 18, 20 hours? At some point I moved from my bed to the couch but not sure why or when.

The kids started baseball. This is DS's second season, DD's first. She is doing fairly well, considering she doesn't have a clue how to play. Coaches A and J will get her on track REAL quick. I requested them for a reason. Now to just try to get her a nap on baseball days is another story. Practices are twice a week and boy does she ever need the naps, especially those days. She is having a hard time getting through the last 20 minutes or so of practice. She got a good hit on a coach-pitch that surprised me.

DS seems to have held up well over the summer. Due to the heat, he didn't play at all. He got a really good hit in and I'm sure he'll be back in gear in no time. His arm is looking pretty good, typical Gumby-boy. He ankles, knees, and now elbows are joining in on the rest of his pops.

His orthopedist had offered to do an MRI immediately a few months ago and said he totally supported it, that there was good reason. I asked to wait. He agreed but said to give him a call in 3 months and check in on how things have been.

What is sticking in the back of my mind is wondering if I should let the ortho go ahead and do the MRI. If he does have am CM+EDS combo instead of "just" (just? sheesh) straight EDS, we could get someone lined up to monitor him. If not, it would certain be fantastic, I love his orthopedist and am comfortable keeping DS in his care for ortho monitoring.

My concern is admittedly personal. If I won't be around, I won't be here to get him to the right team, etc. That's not something I want left for DH to deal with. If there is something to address, and I find out now, I will feel more at peace knowing he is in good hands and there aren't unanswered questions.



  1. Just wonder did you hear from heart dr. Hope so for your sake. Take care . rest never hurt anybody . byeeeeee

  2. Astute observation. You exhibit the instincts of the mama grizzly. You want to make sure the boy has the proper care if you aren't around. What a way too sad thought for me to process right now, but amazing all the same. I hope you get to feeling better.