Monday, October 22, 2007

Baltimore, here we come!

It's been a big day around here. I gave the info below to friends this morning and if they see this hopefully no one minds I'm putting it here. There are so many details I can't even think about trying to write it all down again!

The Baltimore surgeon is supposed to be the best in the country for the thoracic issue, the one I mentioned previously that lives in Baltimore but makes AZ trips every 6 weeks or so as they have an office here. I found out last week though that he no longer makes the trips here so they asked me to come there. I said that's fine, there's isn't a "network" with Medicare. Then they dropped the bomb on me and said they don't take Medicare, period. So his nurse wrote him an email about me and the EDS situation, asking if he thought if any of the other surgeons that still make the AZ trip could help me. That was Thursday or Friday.

They called this morning and the surgeon said forget AZ. He wants involved in my case directly and said to bring me out. They'll take care of the Medicare issue through their institute.

I shook about all day because he said get me out there--as in, next week. On the 29th. Of October. In Baltimore.

If I could I would have been bouncing all over the walls. The nurse said the surgeon is going to call me himself within a few days and discuss the trip and the surgery. He wants me to be prepared for what it will be like since it looks like I'll be out there for a week.

Did I mention if after the exam if he decides he can get this done safely, he'll do the surgery that week?

Ok, I admit it. I'm scared and freaking out and wish I could be DOING something productive. Booking the flight (they said wait for Dr and the nurse's next call so they can work on the testing schedule so I know when to be there and when it will be ok to come back, right now only have regular appt scheduled, not the tests), what to do with the kids, the dog, SOMETHING.


  1. What awesome news! You must be ecstatic! Praying for you that all the plans work out for you. The details will fall into place if it is meant to happen :) ~Lace

  2. Hey ZH! I imagine this is scary (esp since reading your more recent post) and exciting at the same time. what surgery are they planning to do? I am SO glad that the doctor was willing to figure out the Medicare thing..our God is so good. May He keep His angels 'round about you and your family always, especially during this rugged journey up ahead. You are my hero!

    God bless,