Saturday, October 27, 2007

Baltimore surgeon update

He had some time so he called yesterday instead of next week.

He isn't sure he agrees with what others feel is the root of the problem, has other ideas, but neither of the possible causes is curable anyway. But he is confident he can fix this. At the end of the call he even told me I can have hope again!

A note was being left for the scheduler so I can get on the books without the confusion that happened this week. He normally sees people for pre-op appointments on Mondays but with the travel involved he said he'll have it worked out for a Wednesday afternoon. He can do the surgery the next day on a Thursday (they only operate Thursdays and Fridays).

So I should know a date Monday!

Dr D sounded very caring, and took his time. He wanted to know about the various brain and spine surgeries, how EDS impacts me personally, why I'm on disability, what I used to do, what my husband does, how old the kids are, and who will take care of them while we're there for surgery. He asked if I ever sent time in Baltimore, etc.


  1. what a wonderful sounding doctor, Zh! Sorry I'm behind with reading your updates, just spaced out there for a few days. You know how it is! This man sounds wonderfully caring...just what you need. I pray this will all move ahead smoothly for you and family.
    God bless you always, sister

  2. What a blessing to find a doctor who really listens to you! It sounds like you will be in good hands :) Hugs to you ~ Lace