Saturday, October 27, 2007


I talked to the RN again Wednesday and there are scheduling issues. So, next week's trip is off, but the surgeon had her tell me he's still going to call for us to have a talk, and they will book the surgery then. They asked me to go ahead and fax the test results and consult reports J and I went to pick up Tuesday so I took care of that within a few minutes.

I'm a little disappointed but also a little relieved. At least it's still going to happen, but this way we have more time to get things situated. We have been in a panic because of the trip prices. That won't change a whole lot I expect but hopefully I'll get more than a week's notice and maybe the cost won't be so high as last-minute like this.

I'll update after he calls.

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  1. If you need it I think I have some Southwest passes. They may require that you buy one ticket and use the pass for the second person. We've never been able to use them but I think SW flies to Baltimore.