Sunday, December 2, 2007

Caio, Arizona!

We're flying out tomorrow for my surgery trip. We don't get in until nearly midnight. I'm a little concerned about the weather on both sides but figure it'll work out. Always does, one way or another, somehow. It's been raining here for days, causing flood warnings in several areas, etc.

I'm fairly well behind in posting this week. I've been doing the usual around here to prepare for leaving the kids behind for my medical trips. We took over Costco and stocked up the house; hopefully it'll make life a touch easier for J. Emergency forms, consents to treat, schedule of daily activities, all done! J. helped a ton with laundry yesterday so there's only one load left. She went to the garage and brought in the winter clothes. For MD weather we needed a lot more than what we had out for here! Brrr!

My other great time constraint is the Babette blanket. I won't get to do the border before I leave but I am determined to finish sewing on every last one of those squares! It is turning out really neat-looking. I only have 1 1/2 panels left to stitch up. Much of today will be spent on those remaining squares.

I'm antsy about the surgery but it needs done.

My son had his MRI Thursday. He was upbeat on the way there, thinking it'd be like playing astronaut, so no sedation. He got on the table, they showed him the mask, and the tears started. None of us could get anywhere with him. So off we went to a room, signed the consent for the pentabarbitol IV sedation, and they told him about the needle. It went from tears to bawling and crying, "I just want to go home!" A volunteer gave him an adorable handmade dinosaur to hold (he named it Frank!). After a few minutes he said he wanted to back to the machine and do it--no IV. Round 2 and he was awesome. He walked in there, hopped on up, got in there, and was still the whole time. He said, "I was scared of it before, but I'm not scared now! That's easy!" He was so funny after that. Oh and thankfully the spacer didn't cause the artifact they were concerned about on the imaging. The results should be in Monday or somewhere around there.

See you when I get back (or can handle typing after going back to the hotel post-surgery)! Cheers--here's to hoping for a pulse in my arm after surgery! It would be cool to have one finally, haha!

Oh if you get a chance and are willing, would you mind voting for my blog using the black box toward the right of the page? The contest ended a couple months ago but has started over again. So if you voted quite awhile back, your vote is gone now. I really appreciate it! There is no actual "award" but the more nominations it receives, the more views it will get because it will be toward the top of the health blogs list, the more people will (hopefully) read some of the informative links on the right side of my page, the more knowledge and understanding will be out there on these conditions!

Since I'll miss you this week, Happy St. Niklaus Nacht on the 5th!


  1. Okay, I'll vote for you.

    Hmmm . . . a mask for an MRI? I haven't had that procedure. Though if it was anything like the skin-tight chest and face mask I had for my facial radiation, I don't blame him for being scared. That is scary to be on the table with all those people putting a mask on your face. I so would have taken the drugs!

    Pulse! Pulse! Pulse! I hope you get it! Even though you are nervous, I hope you can use the pre-surgery time to see the sights like a normal vacation.

    Those last appointments before a big surgery are fun, aren't they? My favorite part is when somebody explains all the things that can go wrong, quotes a lot of statistics, and then makes you sign a bunch of "iffwekillya forms." LOL.

    Take lots of pictures, and then post them on the blog!

  2. Thinking of you and keeping you im my prayers. You will come through this surgery with flying colors! ~Lace

  3. I'm there with you in spirit, sweetie - call me if I can do anything to make the trip go smoothly.

    P.S. Good for Colin! MRI's can be a little scary the first time - he's real trooper. :-)

  4. Good luck with your surgery Keesha. I pray everything goes smoothly and you see big improvements following.



  5. I vote for you too, Keesha. I am hoping for that pulse, and a speedy recovery. God bless you and your family.