Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ehlers-Danlos, Private Enemy #1

Four days ago I started having stabbing pain on my backside, half-way between my shoulder blade and my spine. Yesterday it became tremendously worse. This morning, it was terrible and when I used a mirror to take a look, I could hardly spot my shoulder blade through all the swelling.

X-rays didn't show any fracture but it did reveal that the bones are not meeting meeting together properly in my shoulder joint. One of the bones is also extremely small and thin. They said it needs an MRI and wouldn't be surprised if it needs surgical repair.

When going over my medications they learned I see a pain management physician so they called him to ask what to do about a prescription so as to not violate my contract. He discussed Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with them some more, and had them wrote me a script to add another narcotic to my daily grind. He's having me come in Tuesday.

Thursday I will see the orthopedic surgeon who handles my hip.

I'm supposed to be immobilized in the sling until then. Don't think so!

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