Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hot rods!

Last week I won tickets/pit passes to the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) nationals up in Phoenix.

I just finished a 5-hour nap to catch up from an AMAZING day! It was so much fun I can't believe it. I was excited to win the tickets but really because I knew Sterling would have a blast. I didn't much care but knew I didn't mind going and seeing something new.

We got up at 4, dropped off the kids at the in-laws, and wagon trained on up to Phoenix. After a couple of beautiful hours of watching the sun come up over the mountains during the drive, we found ourselves in line to park.

There isn't a way to adequately describe the rush of feeling cars going by doing the quarter-mile in 4.49 seconds. I can just say I am helplessly hooked.

The track was pretty accessible at least. They had no shortage of port-o-potties, including a sizable ADA-compliant one. The shops and booths were set up well, though I had difficulty maneuvering around in the Army experience activities area and only got through with the help of Sterling and two gentlemen in line behind us. At one store I couldn't get myself over the wire-cover thing and had to go back out through the entrance. A gentleman zoomed by on a scooter and said, "Let's compare horns!" and we beeped at each other. I was advised by one on-looker to not go racing and he got a laugh when I said I already found someone to race against!

We made several trips through the pits, seeing and meeting some of the drivers (Tony Pedregon, J.R. Todd, Ashley Force, Cruz Pedregon, Robert Hight, etc). Sterling set the record for push-ups for the weekend at the Army gaming area, landing himself an Army water bottle; the area was pretty fun, with a small track for people to race one another with remote control cars, etc. All of us received a lanyard and ID with our photo on it and a set of personalized dog tags.

I'll upload some pics tomorrow. I'm definitely done for the day!

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