Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ortho Man

SO I have a pretty bad rotator cuff tear and bursitis from Ehlers-Danlos dislocations. I'm being sent back to my PT for 3 weeks then see him again and will try cortisone (like I don't have enough of it in my body already from hip injections) and hopefully put off surgery for awhile.

It's always nice when you call your PT's office to schedule a return and they ask what it's for this time.


  1. No onder everyone in the house was freaked out when they saw it! (Jackie, Sterl). So, Is the new med helping yet, or will it take a while to kick in?
    again, Bobby, not the liver

  2. ((((((((((Keesha)))))))))

    There IS a plan in all of this. He will honor His promise to you!

  3. Hey gal. I know how you feel about being so well known at the docs. I hope things get better for you soon. I tried to work from home for a year and did it but what it was doing to me just wasn't worth it. Keeping you in my prayers. {{{HUGS}}}

  4. Bobby,

    The meds are helping a bit at least with sleep, which is sure a nice change after 2-3 hours a night for years. :)

  5. Leslie,

    Thanks. My mind knows it but my body really doesn't much care unfortunately.

  6. Linda, it's a hard thing to accept isn't it? :(