Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sharing info, caregiver resources

From time to time I post resources on ASAP (American Syringomyelia Alliance Project), the message board I do admin work for. I never thought to post them here, where people may find themselves after doing various web searches. I am going to do some posts now, separated into appropriate categories.

Before I do that though, I want to share something very important to me. Many of us are not really able to financially help fund the research for a cure for Chiari and Syringomyelia. We can however still make a difference. One method that is unbelievably easy is GoodSearch. It is a search engine, just like Google and Yahoo, but it donates a penny for every search to a charity. ASAP is registered with them. While it may not seem like much, imagine if many of us were using it for our searches?

Simply select American Syringomyelia Alliance Project in the box by the yellow buttons. You can also see how much money is raised per month. If you just enter 'syringomyelia' then the foundation name will pop up.

GoodSearch also has an option to add it to your Explorer, Firefox, or Mac toolbar to be your default search engine. The instructions are on the above link. I know for me, doing this has resulted in so many more searches than before being credited to ASAP. Since it is now my toolbar's default, ALL of the searches automatically go through GoodSearch. I set it up on both our computers so my husband doesn't have to try to remember to use it--it's just there!

You can make a difference! Consider adding GoodSearch to your favorites, making it your homepage, or having it on your toolbar. Let your family and friends know!

Action magazine (United Spinal Association's monthly publication) this month is dedicated to caregiving issues. Here are some sites I read about in one of the articles and checked out.

National Family Caregivers Association

Share the Care

Lotsa Helping Hands


BTW United Spinal Association is great; joining and receiving the magazine are free. They have been around for 60+ years and their magazine is also offered online.

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