Monday, February 4, 2008

Post-Op Update, awareness items vs the economy

Later this week I'll be 2 months post-op from the artery surgery.

In terms of surgical healing, it's going pretty well. The incision is closed and looking good. The left side of my neck, jaw, shoulder, that entire region just aches all the time. It's not anything that is concerning and I'm sure will continue to improve, given adequate time with the Ehlers-Danlos.

My pain issues, artery region aside, have not changed. I am taking more measures immediately after I get off work at 10 a.m. to try to prevent the pain from becoming completely over the edge by evening since it always worsens as the day goes by.

I am due to have an MRI next month to check on the growth that's pushing in my cerebellum and shoving it back down my spine. It can't be done any earlier since I'm not far enough out of surgery to get a real accurate look.

For the last two months or so, I have really noticed the impact the economy is having on my Chiari/SM awareness items sales. My CURE CHIARI awareness embossed wristbands sales are definitely low. The website sales (Chiari, Chiari 0 (zero) Herniation, and Syringomyelia awareness items) are low as well BUT things are still moving, just at a snail's pace. I know things will pick up at some point but I feel badly for not being able to donate as much to the American Syringomyelia Alliance Project and Wishes & Rainbows. It will get better though!

DS's Babette blanket is coming along well. Today I began work on Panel 9 so if I round up any amount of self-discipline, the rest of the squares should be completed in about two weeks. The contest is going well too; as of now I'm in the top 10 (out of 307) for vote ranking, though not quite as high in the page view rating. I just keep thinking of all the preemie and newborn caps I could make for little NICU babies with a prize gift card from the yarn manufacturer! Thank you to everyone who has voted so far! The contest goes until February 25 or so.

I'm attaching some pictures I've taken the last few days, just thought I'd share.





  1. Hey gal! Just stopping by to say hello. I hope things are going well for you. {{{HUGS}}}

  2. ZH, thanks for the update. Been wondering how those things are going for you. I love the photos!! You could sell these, i'd think. Love the roadrunner. Have you ever heard one? I have, in CA. I was working in the yard and heard a lost puppy out in the field crying. I looked and looked, because the field had been plowed and nothing could hide. No puppy. But it kept crying. I then noticed a RR sitting on a fence post and I could see the sound was coming from him/her. They sound just like a lonely little pup!

    thanks for the pics, my friend

  3. Wow those are such beautiful photos, Keesha. I am sad the items aren't selling very well. I hope it all picks up, and most of all, I hope your blanket wins. I did register, and made my vote count, and so did Sharon. You take care, keep chugging, and we look forward to another conference soon. Bobby, not the liver

  4. Keesha,

    When you get the chance, go to my blog entry for 2-9-08. I'm doing some informal research and am anxious to see if I'm on to something.

    Keeping you and yours in my prayers,