Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Urology Man

I called my Urology Man's office yesterday and they overbooked the schedule to get me in today due to the issue.

Long story short, the appointment was typical. Another day, another prescription, another test at the hospital. I can't say I'm surprised, unfortunately. I'll fill the script tomorrow while S and J are here. Uro Man warned me it lowers blood pressure so I don't want to be on my own, given my BP crashes anyway.

Things just basically suck. There was however one neat thing about the appointment. Urology Man (who knows more about Ehlers-Danlos than every doctor I have ever seen with the exception of TCI/NY) had trailing him a young woman who was a family practice medical student.

Uro Man, while documenting my situation on his laptop (and there was plenty of it given it's been 2 years since he did my bladder surgery), asked me to explain to the student about Chiari and EDS, the EDS especially. He told me, "I learned about it in medical school in New York but you have taught me the most."

I am really touched by that.

So, the two of us had a talk, and I am really grateful to have had the opportunity (though I wish I didn't need to have the unexpected appointment in the first place). She listened intently about the CM, EDS, and the connection between the two, etc.

The last thing I told her was I hope she will never have an EDS patient because, well, we're a mess.

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  1. Yeah for educating the medical community! My 4th grader wants to bring me to her school for show and tell one day so that they can hear about Chiari and tethered cord ~ show off my TC scar! Hugs to you ~ Lace