Monday, March 3, 2008

Testing, testing 1, 2, 3

I have my tests tomorrow. It will be a several-hour affair, given the two MRI's, the bone scan, and the type of x-rays that are being done. I have an appointment for all of them except the x-rays. That's a take-a-number thing where the wait can be an hour to get in.

I dread the testing but I know it's just the way things are. Since I had my original craniectomy expanded, MRI's are very painful. It feels like my brain is setting directly on that hard table. A brain MRI can wipe me out for the next couple of days, let alone two in a row plus a bone scan. The x-rays, while not too painful, is more of a problem with the Ehlers-Danlos. My x-ray series always includes checking my retroflexed odontoid, which is imaged by them taking the shot with my mouth open as far as it gets so they can see the positioning of the bone better. However, having EDS, it makes my jaw dislocate on one side and is very painful to do a rapid reduction/get it back in place.

I called my urologist's office today twice but the lady at the front desk didn't return my call. I really need to get this taken care of before we leave on Friday morning. Not returning my call doesn't bode well for that.


  1. ZH, hi! Why don't you take one of those iced gel paks with you to rest your head on? I bet they'd let that go thru the MRI...even if it's not cold, it would still offer some comfort. I know just what you are meaning. When I broke my C1 and had the skull dislocation, I felt like I was lying on a hard back board all the time. I wanted to design a gel pad for EMTs and hospitals to put behind the heads of folks like us.

    Let us know how the test went and when you get the results.

    God be with you!
    love, me

  2. I will be praying for you during your tests ~ hugs to you ~ Lace

  3. Hope the test results come out well Keesha. I miss you and would love to see you back posting with your ex-CP friends :)