Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tests are done, and our family's expansion (sort of)

My tests are done, wahoo! They only took 3 hours.

This morning after the therapy pool, we went to the Humane Society, arriving about 5 minutes after they opened. We wanted to check out a little terrier mix that got listed on their website yesterday. I've been watching the town shelters the last several weeks and have missed all the dogs I have been interested in, by only minutes. I figure it just wasn't meant to be.

Long story short, Gizmo apparently was meant to be ours. He is being neutered in the morning and we can pick him up at 4...along with Shelby, the other dog that stole our hearts. She however is an indoor/outdoor dog, being a Shepherd mix. She is being fixed in the morning as well.

Shelby and Giz hopefully will come through their surgeries and microchipping with flying colors, and come to their forever home tomorrow. :)

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