Friday, March 14, 2008

Vacation and four-legged friends

We had a fabulous time back in my home state! We went to Disney World, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Gatorland, and Kennedy Space Center--my favorite ol' haunt! My husband and children had never been to FL so I had a great time showing them around my home town, etc. With a great twist of luck, there was a shuttle launch on Tuesday at 2:28 a.m. Since we were back in my town, all we had to do was step outside and watch it lift-off.

We got home last night after a very long travel day. I didn't get to bed the night before until around 2:30, and my daughter woke me up with a stomach-ache an hour later. Add traveling from Orlando to Atlanta, a layover, flying Atlanta to Phoenix, then driving the couple hours back to here...and I'm fried. Heck I was just a passenger, but the sitting like that does numbers after so many brain and spine surgeries as an EDSer.

I've had a hard time keeping on top of the pain today but I'm hoping it'll ease a bit after some relaxation.

Wolfie, my dear 7 year-old Yorkie, has a touch of kennel cough from the new dogs. However, he had a bout with Valley Fever recently and was on exact same prescription that the Humane Society sent us home with for the newbies. So, he's been back on it a few days and I'm not worried at what I'm seeing.

Shelby, the new 1 year old Shepherd-mix, is darling as she can be. We are sure she was abused by her previous owners. She has multiple signs of it. As such, she is super-sensitive but responds very well to appropriate directions. She is a very smart girl.

Gizmo, the 1 year old Wire-Haired-Griffon/Yorkie mix, is a hilarious weirdo. He has completely come out of his shell and made himself at home. His tail wags whether he is eating, drinking, sitting down, or running. He adores the kids. This has been pretty funny to see, given we've never had a dog that would play with them. Giz is up and at 'em though, rolling over and flopping onto them for belly rubs, swiping a lick at their knees or elbows, and tossing toys over his head.

The three pups get along beautifully, even better than I could have imagined. They each give so much love, unconditionally.


  1. Gotta love cheap entertainment!! Watching animals play is one of my favorite things in the world. I'm happy you have another diversion from everything, even if it's only a min. or two here and there.

    I've been praying for and thinking about you tons.

    Gentle hugs!!!!

  2. So glad you had a good trip. What great timing!!! I'm sure the kids will remember the trip for many years to come. Good that you got to share your love for space with them also!