Monday, March 17, 2008

Life in general

In a nutshell...

My CCF surgery failed (damn EDS)

My ortho is not happy with me having backed out of PT for my shoulder and now isn't giving me the choice to do it (damn EDS)

Have another EMG/NCS on Thursday (damn EDS)

My Pain Man appointment was moved from Friday to April 17, though he insisted it be this week

I have to wear the Aspen collar again (damn EDS)

I need to order a Pronex traction device as opposed to the last one (over-the-door), but am flat broke (damn EDS)

I lost my PT prescription for my shoulder (ok, honestly I threw it away when I refused to do it last month)

pain sucks


  1. Yes it does. Keesha, you are at the top of the prayer list. I'm so sorry that it sucks like this. I'm just sorry. Bobby, not the liver

  2. That sure is a lot to fit into a nutshell! So sorry that your procedure didn't take ~ keeping you in my prayers ~ Hugs ~ lace

  3. Keesha,
    I couldn't agree more "damn EDS".. and it sucks..Im sorry for your pain..I hope you find some are in my thoughts and prayers.. be well


  4. ((((((((((((Keesha))))))))))) Remember there IS a purpose to all of this, it sure would be nice to see it tho, huh? :(