Saturday, April 26, 2008

1 more thing

I know I just wrote the world's longest blog entry but I forgot to share this:

I never heard again from the Mother's Day tv thing so I figure I didn't make it past my finals group.

But I received a phone call yesterday from the local NBC news and I won their Mother's Day Makeover contest! I can't believe it! I'm shocked to bits. This coming week, the 4:00 news anchor is going to come out and interview us in the morning for their show. The week after that, one of the newscasters will meet me at a great salon and broadcast live while my make-over is being done. After the salon and the show is over, they will give me the rest of the prize package, valued at $1100! They had to disclose that like any prize or lottery winnings, etc., since it's over $600 I'll be receiving a 1099 from NBC as I may be responsible for the taxes on our return for 2008. I thought who cares??? LOL. Hopefully they'll have the videotaped part of the show on their website and I'll of course post it here after that day. :D

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