Friday, April 25, 2008

Long week

Is this week over yet?

Monday Aunt Cyntitha died.

Tuesday my grandma and Aunt Debbie arrived to Phoenix a few hours late to say their good-byes.

Wednesday I had an unexpected endoscopy on my nose and throat, a hearing exam, and am being scheduled for an ENG.

While my nose, throat, and upper mouth were still numb and frozen, Grandma B and Debbie arrived to visit for the day. I refused to rest, though they kept saying I could. I caught myself forcing my eyes open several times. I miss them already.

I just received a call that Grandma L fell on Sunday. She was weedwacking out back and fell while on the patio, breaking her hip. She had hip replacement surgery Tuesday; she couldn't maintain her oxygen post-op and was in ICU until yesterday. She is very weak and today they are doing a blood transfusion.

They want to transfer her to the hospital where I worked, so she can get the best in-patient rehab. She and Grandpa L are both refusing. Grandpa is in poor shape himself due to his fall out of the tree and only in the last 2 months has begun to walk again, if you call what he does walking. He sleeps in a recliner on the front patio. My uncle is moving into the front room next to the patio so he can hear them, as he is putting a twin bed on the patio for Grandma. That way they're both in the same place.

I am so FRUSTRATED that they are refusing the treatment she needs. The survival rate for the elderly is less than 5 years due to poor healing. Her chances will be much lower with her refusal. (I ran the THR/TKR programs--total hip and total knee replacements, and am all too familiar with this situation.) She is screwing herself over.

I know they're just being as stubborn as I am and I guess I can't really blame them, they're responsible for themselves and can make their own decisions, but I want the best for them.

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