Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tornwaldt cyst update

I saw the ENT this morning and we can leave my Tornwaldt alone! He ended up scoping my nose and throat while I was there. Boy that is one funky-feeling test that I never want to repeat! So he got a much better look at it with the scope on the screen than on the MRI's. It actually looks to him more like a cluster of adenoid tissue that has grown back and for whatever reason is retaining fluid right now. It should be ok.

I had a hearing test immediately at his request and it went fairly well, nothing big enough to do anything about. I knew my hearing was different since the meningitis but that's a really common side effect.

I'm being scheduled for an ENG, where they'll put fluid in my ears and intentionally make me dizzy. I don't know yet when it is as they said they are booked out for a month for this test. That's fine with me since they said I'm required to have someone drive me as I'll likely be extremely dizzy and nauseated the rest of the day, and Sterling will need some warning to take the day off.

My grandma and my aunt Debbie flew to AZ due to my aunt Cyntitha's death on Monday. They came to spend the day with me today, which was wonderful. I love them dearly.

Off for now.

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  1. ZH, hallelujah about the cyst not being something that has to be removed!! Thank the Lord! And I'm so sorry about your Aunt, but glad that you had some family with you today.

    blessings, my friend