Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dogs and cysts and crochet, oh my!

Life has been pretty uneventful, I must say, and I am glad to report it.

I went about a week without the vertigo, but it was kicking my butt last night. DH helped me to the bedroom to go to bed. I forgot to do something and went back to the kitchen shortly after that, and when I went to leave the kitchen I walked straight into the dishwasher/counter, knocking over everything there. This morning though has been better.

NY reports the growth pushing on my cerebellum has...GONE! Shocking, isn't it?

My CCF has failed, and I've lost 1 1/2 inches in the last year, based on my recent bone scan. We can however put off surgery indefinitely.

Why? Because I've developed a Tornwaldt cyst. It's an ENT thing apparently, a pus-filled cyst in the lining of my nose/throat. It's main symptoms? Severe headaches and dizziness.

It makes me wonder if that is the cause of the recent vertigo resulting in the 2 passing out issues that caused the closed head injury. I'd never had vertigo so severe as the week leading up the Easter events, and the Tornwaldt cyst had never been there before, so it is a recent development.

So, TCI has me going to an ENT this month. Tornwaldts typically need to come out because they are so prone to infection.

Hopefully it can be left alone but if it's got to go, then I may go ahead and have them fix the deviated septum I've been avoiding for so many years. I can't remember the last time I've been able to breathe out of the right side of my nose (see the picture on the lower left corner of my blog banner).

I am really dental phobic because of people being around my face with pointy metal things, which is much of the reason I've never had the septum fixed--scared of the surgery. I know, it's pretty dumb considering all the brain and spine surgeries I've had, along with other EDS-related surgeries.

But if they have to get the Tornwaldt out, they'll be doing surgery anyway so they may as well fix it all. I will do what NY/TCI says needs done.

I have been crocheting like a fiend, making caps for NICU babies at local St. Joseph's, the NICU she stayed in. I'll never forget going in there one morning to sit by her and there was a crocheted blanket over her isolette, donated from a volunteer. I have never forgotten how that small gesture lifted my spirits, the love with which it was made, made me feel things would be all right.

Now I have the chance to do the same for others. I'm making caps of all sizes for the NICU (Meg was tiny, being a bit early, but Collin was 10 pounds at birth and still ended up in the NICU as well--nothing they had would fit him so I'm making large ones as well). I'm also making dishcloths for a local domestic violence shelter so they'll have some for when they move out to get a safe, new start in life. I spoke with a crisis pregnancy center too and if I can find a good pattern, will make booties for their clients, since they give them out with every ultrasound client; they also give a cap and blanket to the moms when they give birth so will try to help with that as well.

I'm also making a scarf for Collin's 7th birthday next month. It's the Gryffindor scarf from the Harry Potter movies. I work on it at night after he goes to bed. I just ordered a Gryffindor patch off Ebay to put on it when it's complete, so it should really turn out awesome! I'm really excited and hope he will love it as much as he loves reading the books.

The dogs are doing great, all 3. I'll post a pic so you see how the newbies are getting along with one another. Wolfie at this moment is sleeping 1/2 on top of Gizmo, who is asleep on top of my ankle here in the recliner. Life is good. Oh, to be a spoiled dog in this house!

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  1. My dear friend, the growth pushing on the back of your cerebellum is GONE? Hallelujah! What a miracle! I"m stunned and so happy!

    Sorry about the cyst thing...but it sounds like resolving that would be such a great help to you.

    Glad to hear things are a bit calm around your outfit, you deserve it!

    Vaya con Dios!