Friday, April 4, 2008


I joined a crochet forum in late February. It's a very large group with just under 20,000 people. There are tons of sub-forums regarding different aspects and specialties of the craft but there is also an off-topic area for general discussion.

There was a thread started WAY before I was there and it has 10 pages now because the topic simply hasn't died off. We all know how that goes, right? It asked who all had tattoos. Many included pictures.

I responded a few days ago that I have a cartoon-type ladybug on my ankle and a large butterfly on my shoulder. I couldn't find a pic of the ladybug but posted my butterfly--not the same picture at the top of this blog. I know people at a non-health forum would not be thrilled to see a pic like that.

Today I go to check out the thread to see any new pics and lo and behold, my response is GONE.

In its place is a reminder from the main admin to stick to the site rules: no profanity and no mention of where a tattoo is if it's in a personal location ("anything that would be covered by a bikini"), and of course no pictures if that is the case.

Excuse me but what is so OFFENSIVE about a picture of a butterfly on a shoulder? *gasp* I guess it was a mortal sin. There's not a snowball's chance I cussed.

They didn't email or PM, [i]nothing[/i].

You probably know by now that I sent her a PM a moment ago that was straight to the point. We'll see what they have to say!

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  1. Seriously they removed a post/pic of the one on your shoulder? That is just crazy Keesha. :(