Monday, June 30, 2008

Operator, may I help you?

I seriously doubt it.

The first thing I did this morning was call AHCCCS about all the mistakes they made on my denials for help with my 6 days in the hospital last month. I called the Toole Street office as that is the one with the number listed as my site on the denial sheets. A young immigrant after 10 minutes of discussion back and forth told me to call the Irvington Avenue office and speak to "Uh-LON."

Off I go, burning DH's cell minutes. 20 minutes and 3 people later they determined Miss I.F. (at the ORIGINAL office) processed my application and like I said before did not include the existence of my youngest child, none of the medical expenses whatsoever that I spent hours photocopying, etc. Turns out "Uh-Lon" is "Alan" and had nothing to do with my case. Information was taken, complaints filed, various managers and site locations were emailed, and I am awaiting their call to correct their ridiculous mistakes.

Next came the call regarding tomorrow's test. They were very good about it. The scheduler talked to the doctor and he is sending me to the hospital for some other test that will get the same reults///

bad seizure night, taken me like an hou r to write this, dh bugging me o pack i up & go to bed, i keep staring atit and fixing all the screw ups ah well ca'ttil


  1. I have always heard if you get into that situation , you say to them I want to bump up and they send you to the next operator . If you still keep getting a foreigner then keep bumping till you get somebody who you can understand . and guess what it works. sorry you had all the trouble.

  2. NO actually it doesn't. They are offices here where I live which is filled with an extremely large portion of Mexican immigrants--and a large portion are illegal. I'm a minority here. Transferring to anyone else at the local DES is only going to get another immigrant. I have no problem with that if they SPEAK ENGLISH.

  3. i agree, it seems now when ever i have to call someplace i get someone who speaks little or no english, the other day i called my house alarm company and you could tell the person talking was from another country i finally asked them where they were , know what they said? india talk about out sourcing our jobs gimme a freaking break. im sorry keesh you had to go thru that. and your staying till ya got it right sounds like me hang in there honeytake care of yourself as best you can . love ya and sorry you had so much troubles too doesn;t suprise me though is maddening as billybob says